Our mission

Machinefabriek v d Elsen is the ‘Best-in-class” cooperation partner for precision parts and modules. Our ambition is to unburden our clients in the high-tech region ‘Brainport’, as well as clients in other regions, though our specialization in both prototyping as well as middle-sized series production. Craftmanship combined with modern machines and CAM techniques. This enables us to tackle every technical and logistical challenge.

To demonstrate what is technically possible with modern techniques, I wanted to make a bust from one piece of aluminum 5083 of 72 kg scale 1 to 1. By means of 3-D scanning, Cad / Cam design and 5-axis simultaneous milling on a of our larger 5-axis machines. We have portrayed the entire process beautifully. A challenging and successful project. Thank you all and compliments.


The organization structure of v.d. Elsen is characterized as flexible and pragmatic, with short lines of communication between the business office and workshop. Through this, v.d. Elsen can adapt quickly to changes and achieve short lead times.

For a technical industry as the machining sector, the quality of products depends on the quality of the used machinery. v.d. Elsen has  state-of-the-art machinery from top brands like Mori Seiki and Hedelius. Furthermore, v.d. Elsen has the dispose of a calibrated Mitutoyo 3D measuring machine, which can control high precisions.

Quality awareness is deeply anchored in the organization of v.d. Elsen. The employees are continuously trained in the latest production techniques. Moreover, v.d. Elsen operates according the Value Sourcing principles that place continuous improvement at the heart of the organization.


Machinefabriek vd Elsen is a first class supplier of parts and modules. A lean and flexible partner for both complex and less complex machining parts. With a full attention to customer experience in a transparent culture. Quality focus, loyalty, team spirit and continuous improvement are our core values. We keep on investing in education, development of craftmanship, CAM- and production techniques. The long-term cooperation with our clients is both professional and pleasant, with a personal focus. We believe it is great to work with us.