Lean manufacturing aims to eliminate waste from all processes. As a result, there is a maximum value added to the customer. Through a sleek and smart production quality of the product goes up and the costs go down. We lean manufacturing in detail introduced and secured in our business.

In 2011 we started with Value Sourcing, a method for evaluating and improving the quality of supplier performance. This method is based on the QLTC model of ASML. From this moment we have the process of continuous improvement taken seriously.

Over the years we have gradually grown and thus our business space is completely filled with machines and production equipment. As a result, the layout was no longer efficient. In May 2013 we have just opposite the current location a very suitable space may involve, where we have accommodated a portion of our production. This was the perfect time for the entire layout and routing again to focus on the most efficient way, according to the 'lean' principle, including the introduction of 5S.

The necessary expertise and support, we have chosen to include office Spartners this. Tackling Spartners characterized by involving all employees in the improvement process. All possible quality improvements are put forward by the people themselves and with the expert advice of Spartners, sent in the right direction.



Main improvement:

  • Introduction of a new production control system PBS
  • Edgecam training for six millers who control it yet ( untapped potential also involve herein)
  • Lean design of the entire plant : layout and routing
  • Optimize information flow
  • System of planning and work issues completely revised
  • Purchasing and inventory as lean thinking
  • 5S workplace , better device for clean production : Grade 4 and Grade 2 production
  • Duties and responsibilities properly record

All this with the aim of all waste in the process to remove and more efficiency.