CNC routing

Machine factory v. d. Elsen offers excellent service and a state-of-the-art manufacturing engine compound. All components and modules can be custom made to fit your exact specifications. From minuscule bolts (titanium, 1.4 millimetre!) for the semiconductor industry to large, 5-axis machined blocks measuring almost a cubic meter for medical systems. We can also process stainless steel, aluminium and a wide range of synthetic materials. And naturally, the excellence of our technical skills is matched by our attention to service. For a detailed list of our machines and their specifications, please visit our website. Our automated milling machines are programmed using the latest CAD/CAM systems by EdgeCam for top quality.

CNC milling

Machine factory v.d. Elsen specializes in CNC milling. v.d. Elsen has access to several 3-,4-,5-axis CNC milling machines, both vertical and horizontal. Therefore, v.d. Elsen can always choose the most efficient milling method for a specific product. This has a beneficial effect on the quality, lead time and price of the product.

Modern machinery and a high degree of automation enable v.d. Elsen to produce a wide range of products, both in batch size as in sort of material.

CNC lathe turning

Machine factory v.d. Elsen is specialized in CNC lathe turning. v.d. Elsen is equipped with several conventional lathes, CNC lathes and lathes with driven tools. Therefore, v.d. Elsen can always opt the most efficient turning method for each specific product.


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