VDE special product BV offers a full spectrum of services for innovative product design in high precision metals and plastics, across a range of industries.VDE special product BV is your partner for complete product development, mechanical engineering and assembly, from first idea to product launch.

With our expertise, we can help you to stay ahead of the design curve using the latest technologies. From initial concepts through computerized product modelling and testing, our team can deliver the solutions you need, to develop state-of-the-art products while meeting compliance and certification needs.

We keep you involved at every step during the development phase, and we use our experience to advise our clients regarding optimal design and production criteria. We can support you in product enhancement projects and optimization projects of processes (production, assembly, logistics). We aim to deliver products to your fullest satisfaction in accordance with all specifications and requirements, with optimal usage of raw materials and production capacity.

Below example demonstrates an innovative product developed byVDE special product BV, in cooperation with AB InBev.

The Burst Bottle is a re-usable burst simulation bottle, that can be applied during normal burst test procedures in a bottle filler line. The Burst Bottle collapses under filling pressure, causing sensor to detect a bottle failure. Traditional burst test procedures include bursting of an actual glass bottle or a simulation procedure, which does not represent the actual situation. The Burst Bottle improves the quality and safety of the test procedure and offers a fully re-usable and fast solution.

Various models were developed to optimize result and to comply with different filler lines throughout the world.

Next to product development, all larger foreign accounts are managed withinVDE special product BV. This applies for in-house production and for production by third-parties.

You are welcome to challenge us with your development needs. Contact us now to discuss your ideas and receive professional feedback, free of commitment.

Read more about the Burst Bottle here.


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